At UAS INC. we have created an interactive simulated inspection environment within our facility, to mimic real life inspections within a controlled environment.

We have the ability to control the environment and the conditions within and bring the trainee beyond their comfort zone & test even the most experienced Elios pilots. Whether it be inspecting a weld seam on polished stainless steel, inspecting thread engagement in tight and awkward areas, or refining their inspection skills in simulated areas with unexpected airflow.

Our simulations are designed to push the trainee(s) in a way that prepares them for a real-world inspection, so when they encounter these types of conditions in actual inspections the trainee will know what to do and how to handle the situation.

Within our training facility we are able to offer Flyability’s Introductory training program, as well as a wide range of specialized training courses.

On top of our facility we have access to some quite unique assets to further push the trainees abilities.

Some of the areas we are able to provide includes an actual underground training facility (complete with a simulated stope), the other is a decommissioned stack, which simulates chimney, and vessel inspections, and we are still adding additional training locations.

Grey Official Training Center@10x

If what you are looking to have inspected is not on our list feel free to contact us. We are always looking to advance our scope of work and provide our clients with the most detailed information we can provide