Accessing the Inaccessible


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Decrease downtime and reduce inspection costs, while increasing worker safety by remotely accessing Confined Spaces, Head Frames, Crushers, Brow Hang-Ups, Retired Workings and other complex environments or almost anywhere else you need to access within your Mines, Mill and Surface operations.

With the Patented Elios design, UAS Inc is capable of delivering images up to 0.2 mm/pixel in complete darkness with its on-board LED lighting and thermal imagery capabilities.

Thanks to our partnership with Flyability, UAS Inc is able to inspect and explore areas underground, on surface or within other hazardous areas that were previously to cost prohibitive or difficult to access by traditional methods.

We at UAS INC. Offer a variety of services which
include but are not limited to



Underground inspections -
Stopes, Drifts, Ore/Waste Pass etc.

Boiler Inspections



Conveyor Belt Inspections

Sewer inspections

Hang Ups


Weld And Seam Inspections

Routine Industrial Complex Inspections


World-class Mines and Industry, understand technology is paramount to their success.

Industry leaders must be safer, smarter and more versatile when it comes to the rapid advancements in the tech field.

Unmanned Aerial Services Inc was built with your operations future in mind.

If what you are looking to have inspected is not on our list feel free to contact us. We are always looking to advance our scope of work and provide our clients with the most detailed information we can provide


“In my role as Program Director, Innovation in Barrick Gold's corporate office, I was the Corporate representative on the team evaluating the viability and usefulness of underground (UG) drones. The evaluation included on-site, underground demonstrations by 6 different groups, ranging from a NASA-backed start-up and University of Nevada, Reno research group, to a number of commercial drone companies offering UG drone services.


The only group that met, and delivered beyond our expectations was Unmanned Aerial Services (UAS). Their technology, the Elios and Emesent drones, combined with the extensive experience and knowledge of their team, especially Matt MacKinnon, were far superior to the other solutions we looked at and UAS is now working for Barrick on a regular basis.”

Iain Allen

Former Program Director
Innovation, Barrick Gold.

“Will from UAS Inc. was fantastic. He prepared us to use the Elios for our work and he continues to provide support for us by giving us advice, and recommendations.”

Kadin Choi

Andrews Engineer Representative

“The team at UAS Inc, combined with their real-world training facility, truly made for practical, hands-on training. The scenarios that they put students through gives great opportunity to learn techniques to get the most out of the Elios product. I would highly recommend UAS to anyone who wants the better their skills and be put through real life scenarios within the safety and comfort of the training facility.”

Jimmy Bartolucci