As the abilities of drones become ever more complex, the range of applications associated with them expands. Here at UAS Inc, we have the expertise and know-how to implement that cutting-edge technology.

Until recently the majority of drones that are manufactured today have been designed for open-air, surface specific operations, relying heavily on GPS for position control. They are not designed for use within confined spaces and/or often very hostile environments.

Because of this, the founders of Unmanned Aerial Services; Matt MacKinnon, started to seek a solution for performing inspections underground, in a GPS denied environment. As a result UAS Inc. was created to help mitigate the risks associated with potentially hazardous inspections. In cooperation with our partners, UAS Inc is able to access areas that were previously far too cost prohibitive and/or too much of a safety risk to enter.

Places that you would never think of sending the standard, conventionally designed UAV into, are just the types of environments the drone we use was designed and engineered for specifically to be sent into…and come back from.

If what you are looking to have inspected is not on our list feel free to contact us. We are always looking to advance our scope of work and provide our clients with the most detailed information we can provide